lets fight for the final test! xoxo

goodnight !
what a wonderful day. today is the last day going out with my friends :D I went to Rima's with Kiki and Ratih, and did some tasks and talk a lot <3 *oh, so a girl things. ohya, two days again is my final test for first grade :| wish all will be fine, ameeeeen o:)

I hope I can answer the question, get the answers from my kind friend, pass the tests, and have a great one day after tests with my bitches :) and sorry for bugz, maybe my mom will pause the wifi connection for one week tests. but I'll post you some photos of X9 onenine later! cause we'll not in the same class again :( I'll be MISSing you so bad, X9. and..... pssssst! I have a wonderful cupcakes for the 28th May. guess who's the person that will hv a birthday? :D for sure, I don't know what will I shared on you, but just wait yaaaaa, I don't have any cheetoss to make an inspiration tonight. LOVE!XOXO

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