7 things about me :)

nity, bugz!
can't wondering if it's already sunday night and tomorrow is monster day, yeah. btw congrats for SMANSA 48th generation for your successful at national test! I'm proud of you all. hope that you all will get the best univ too yaa ({}) 

mmm, today I wanna share you about what my friends think about me. I called it 7 things about me XD
what do you think about me?
Sintha said that I'm : "Ondo,Ondo,Ondo,Ondo,Ondo,Ondo,andOndo"
Dea said that I'm : "Unyu,Creative,Outgoing,Lovable,Funny,and she lost the 2 again"
Rima said that I'm : "Teddy's,Yeller,Bestbestbestfriends,Creative,Advisers,Screamer,and I lost the another one"
Dita and Wahyu said that I'm "Intelligent,Nice,Tidy,Easygoing,Naughty,Humble,Panic"
(read the last one and you can spell my name. IntenHP:D)
sorry for the late post, I can't post it yesterday because the WiFi was suck.

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