last day of the really holiday

hello, lady. this is the last day of my holiday. I don't wanna lose the last moment that I can share with my friends :( so today, I went to Ica's house with Sintha, Cyntia, Frangipani, Indra, and Yana. we made some clay craft, but no one helped me because consentrate with clay is a hard thing to do -__- after a whole minutes, yana came and helped me to make some shape, thanks yananya :3 finally... the clay had its own shape! haha!! 

haha, the first until 4th pictures is originally mine, and the fifth and sixth, yana's golden hand help me make that =)) looks like keroro, doesn't it? but I love the pictures. can't wait for another photos from yana's camera and indra's. them, we ordered some food from KFC. mmmmm...... and the last trip, we went to Mertasari Beach. sindhu was full of people so I won't go to sindhu beach. photos? I didn't take anything from there, but Yana did. I eat chocolate with Frangipani, Ica, and Cyntia, Sintha'd already home cause her mom picked her up. want some comment? FUNTASTIC. FUN! thanks for the last holiday trip, guys! someday we'll do it again.

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