bored, just skip this post

BORING TIME! errww, I have nothing to do laadyyyy! can you gimme solution please? :(
all the things that I d today's just sleep, eat, i-neting, checking for my blackberry (wait for someone to texted me) and fall asleep again. and you believe what? I do all those things on my bed. I haven't move. there're laptop, cheetos, novels, teddy bears, lollipops, and handphone on my bed. cool. I don't have to move :p dan, percaya? hari ini aku udah ketiduran sebanyak 5 kali -__- ketidurannya ngenesin pula, skrg jd banyak semut di kasurku gara-gara coke nya tumpah :' oya, I forget to tell you, this day is holiday in Bali, we celebrate Pagerwesi day. God blessed you all yaaa o:) adik-adik SMP juga pada masih tetep UN biarpun pagerwesi. semangat yaaaaaa :D 

NB: skip this post, ga penting ah .--.
NNB : aku pegeeeel!
NNNB : someone out there, texted me pls, go home fasterrr <3

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