22 january 2011. 
I've been 16th years old in that day ! God, I'm shy to tell that I'm the oldest girl in my clique, wow -,-
but that day was a wonderful day, many of my friends give me  surprise :DDD
they give mi BIG MONKEY DOLL (from dea & sintha), cakes s'prise (h-1 from ayas tolek rama pakman kak saisnu, kak toni, riya, bitha, tritha and the day was given by my lovely BUNDO AYUDAMAYANTHI♥ and gungtudharma) a box of CUPCAKES by kak dwipa, papercraft by rania, 7 balloons by X9, and many happy bday words from everyone at FKS or Festival Karmany Smansa. do you know? Festival Karmany Smansa was held in my bday. so when I walked everywhere, everyone said "HAPPY BDAY INTEEEN! WELOVEYOUUUUU" omg. I won't forget this. thanks a bunch yaaa, my bests, my mum who gaves me a new camera (canon eos60d) my fther who gaves me money. my sister who treated me w foods, my brothers who called me and scream loudly "happy bday" w teddy's sound. ME LOVE YOU. 

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