HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! :))

heeeeeeeey mrs! I can't believe it's already 2011. hmm, I feel excited!
the last day of 2010, I spent at inak's with XIX bigfamilyy plus rania, gusde, dede, and andi (grace's brother). we had a barbeque party there. but that day, the rain fell down. we can't turn on the firework and roast the fish in a small place. but IT WAS FUNNN! at 00.00, me and my friends turned on the firework and take the cake to celebrate the first day in 2011. me poked a cream to nanta but my friends gave me more uurghh my hair and face was full of cream ;D aaaaah it was unforgottable. in the morning (hmm, 2.00 - 5.00 a.m) we watched dvds and eat nuts. the boys had their own world with MAHA. (euuuuwhhh) and at 05.00 we went to beach, see the sunrise.

last we said happy new year for each others (˘⌣˘)ε˘`) you won't have a new year like this againnn girlfriends!
how happy am I. thanks for ina, rania, rima, kiki, ratih, grace, vikan, gdd, arihuda, nanta, gusde, dede, andi, temon, maha, dody, wahyu, arya, and others yaaaaah. ohh! thanks so much too for my dian, for your cakes girl ;)

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