gnight, mrs diaries

Good night , mrs diary ;)
Hmm there’s somany things I want to tell you about L Hhh, I always want to write on you but the internet at my home was disturbed me. Finally I just download some mp3s and nthing on you.  Yaaa, it’s about my lovelife, my friendship, my family, and my money. Urgh

First, me and him was just a memories now. We had break up. I can’t stay mad at him everyday, hell. But I’m still loving him, Gawd. Anyone, who could help me in this situation please? Every ppl see me as the one to blamed and he’s the victim. So I feel this is really unfair..
Second, my friendship. The last time, I was mad with my bestfriends, just because the one she loved is loving me at that time. (I don’t know why he likes me, but I swear I don’t like him!) dear my beloved bestie : Heeey, do you see that I’ll choose you if you ask me to choose? I really love you my bestie, don’t get mad at me please. I don’t like him and NEVER like him. So please be my oldies girlfriends that always look happy. Don’t be broken just because of him! ;(
Third, my money problem. Argh ! you know what I mean and I still can’t save my money well, give me solutions mamaa ;( 

my beloved girlfriends :

Oh but I forget to tell you, in this month my mama give me new dslr camera, 60d ! :D thanks for mum, dad, and my sister who help me begging mum, haha ;)
I can’t tell you the others cause the story has been passed at long long time, so there’s just a ‘lil bit memories about it. I love you, dear mrs. Diary! :*

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