sunday morning :3
well, it's like another sunday morning for me, huh. I can't realized this's the REAL HOLIDAY for me. I must do many things for Galungan & Kuningan day and the next PIR ( Perkemahan Ilmiah Remaja ). But it doesn't matter if you do those works with your beloved friend a.k.a ayu larashati, cyntia devanty, sintha dewi, rania ayu, rima adilitha, yudia triana, X9 big family and many others ♥

uhm.. what do you think about someone who can't forget her/his past?
maybe they'll called childish, maudlin, selfish, blablabla and others. but I ever feel that one. with one of my ex :o
I feel broken, cry everyday, won't eat. it's like the world's stop spin when he isn't around me. cut the crap.
I've forget him, and nothing happen. I still breathe, I still smile, I still here, standing on m beloved world.
but what if your beloved one can't forget his someone? hmm... I can't realized it before, until now. I feel it now. I can't blamed it on him, I can't blamed it on me. love will choose. maybe I'm not his next so he still remember about his ex. maybe he doesn't love me. there's so many maybe, huh. all I wanna do now is just stay strong :) I won't be the old me. I W-O-N-T.

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