gmorgen babyy, nice sunday morning! (˘⌣˘)
today I wanna share you about 3 thing I needed now. I just wanna share it, yeah you know I don't have any money to buy this all! nyahaha :D would you buy one of this charts and give it in my birthday? I HOPE, well. don't wish too much, girl. let starts!

1. EarPhones
I need this things EXACTLY because my old earphones were damaged.
I need the hot pink one like this! do you wanna buy it for me?
hheeh, a little hope one of you will ! ;)

2. SLR
I need it from a long loooong looooong time. I'm interested with this when I were a freshman junior high school. at that time, the first time I'm in love with photograph. I know there's no one of you would buy one for me cause the price is so... you know ;)

3. New Bag
I need a new bag because my momma don't give me one. She said my old bags are still good and well to use, uh mamaa don'y be like that ! huhh

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