Lame, yeah.

Good evening people! Finally I have my mood back to write on you. I have some interesting stories to tell you, from my lost blackberry, I'm in "no money" session, until when I lost the times that I have to hang out with my girls. Oh, yeah, but I had fun, from KISS~1 Denpasar's "Kunjungan".

Hmm... where do I start? 
yeah, once a time I went to Mega Rafting, Bali TV, and Penangkaran Penyu with KISS~1 Denpasar. the most interesting is when we had a big journey at Mega Rafting. oh, whoever who wants to lose their stress must try this. I had so much fun with my bestiest, but I still miss 'em. I need to hang out, or just stay in Sintha's home to share stories, with tolek and dea, please. I can't have a quality time with them because last holiday're full with Galungan and Kuningan's ceremonial. well, can u hear me, pals? I MISS YOU SO MUCH, XOXO!
Then, I broke my phone just because I want a new blackberry. (NB: the phone has broken already, but I tell my mum just now because my littke, LITTLE brother, get the better phone than me.) So now, I don't have any blackberry and use Sony Erricson. It's hard to use sony when u're addapted with qwerty keypad. hmmm.... pals, I don't have much skill to write much on blog, errr... so, finally, here I am with no money and phone. I wish my mom were here, and she could stop her business for a moment. I miss u mom, even you wouldn't read my blog hahaha =D thanks for keep reading and follow my blog, keep join! ;)

last.... these're my fave and wishes things. from weheartit <3

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