Special Things That I Want People Gives To Me

1. Princess Diaries Series Novel
2. New Blackberry Onyx 2
3. New Big Black And White Photos
4. Laptop Bag
5. Bags
6. Accompanied To Have A Quality Dinner With Bestfriends
7. Something that could make my room become more cute!
8. More Flat Shoesor Just Sandals
9. New Lens For My Camera
10. New Clothes, Shorts, etc
11. Parfume
12. Stationary Sets
13. New Comics
14. Enough Foods At Home
15. Fashion things from my beloved sister
16. Cookies!
17. Fro-yo at Sour Sally
18. New Mouse for Laptop
19. New Games for Fun
20. Spaghetti from Sintha!!!! I'm Craving For It
21. Ice Cream
22. New Wallet

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