asks and answers

I copied it from my bestschoolmother, kak Ayudamayanthi's blog :)

     First time feeling something w him?
don't know exactly (-__-")

-          Why like him?
he just do it. makes me in love with him, without no reason..

-          First time met him?
26th February, at sintha's birthday party. that was the first time I see him rightly, or.. focusly, eh?

-          What you love most about him?
his plain, simple acts

-          Things you hate from him?
he leaves me for many hours for one day

-          Best thing in him?
his messy hair. I like to make it more messy than before :D

-          Candle light dinner w him?
gawd pleaseeee, I'm not her girlfriend actually.

-          Will you love him more if he?
stay with me, or just talk with me

-          Watching concert w him ?
maybe at MYMP's next concert (in Indonesia! or.. Bali.)

-          Cute name for him?

unyu <3

-          Give him something?
my doodles, cause I always doodling about him.

-          He would looks amazing in?
long sleeve. I love his faceee!

-          Be his girlfie?
mm... you bet?

-          Best attidute of him?
he's a kind of family guy. and I have one point plus to it :)

-          Wishing something for him?
he'll get the great moments everyday, more and more

-          Advice something for him?
be more diligent please, dik :p

-          3 words for describe him?
goodboy, cute, stubborn

-          Will you love him forever?
who knows? only God

-          Wishing he call you with?
ihp or intennya :3

-          Best expression do ya like from him?
when he sullening like a kindergarten child :D

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  1. hey aku disini apa yang kau lakukan? menjiplak itu dilarang keras nak hahahaha