welcome the first day of may !

helloooo, May
this is the first day of yours. I started this day with Smansa big family, to remembering Hardiknas in Indonesia. I became the waitress there, hehe. (there's some small food stand at the finish place, fyi.) then, me and my friends went to my house just to had fun! I lovya both. *sigh, kurang rania sama rima sama ica juga nih. errr... sounds funny? or flat? wdyt? I have so many wishes to May before I felt asleep last night.

1. be BETTER! everybody wants it.
2. get the best score in every test in school, you wish ten
3. have some money to fix my blackberry
4. be wiser than last month
5. have much lucky stocks for 30 days :)
6. my friends get their own stars
7. make my father and mother proud of meeeee!!!

hw about your wishes? I think that's all. my brain's empty, like usual. this post's just a greeting post to you, May ;) be a great month yaaaa, I beg o:) gdbye!

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