I want them!

1. Long Sleeve Shirts
after remake my hair's style (a little bit), I want to have this clothes. I dont know why, but I think by wearing this kind of clothes will makes me look like errrr..... you know. 
this is the long sleeve shirts that I mean :
(not too girly, but doesn't look like man's stuff)


 2. Gellato Ice Cream
I really want this one. it's sweet, especially the chocolate one!! :D
3. Tigger or Eeyore Doll
Winnie The Pooh The Series! but I hate the pooh. I just in love with the tigger and eeyore. 

4. New Ransel
My old ransel's already broken, haha you can see it when I went school. but I still love it and no one knows that the ransel's broken, they know it as my ransel's style :| so I want buy the new one and beg my mum :D

source of all picts : weheartit

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