mood: swing
place: at my 2th floor, with aloatof mirror. makes me feel bad.

blump! day by day have passed, and I feel unexcited. why? I don't know too. I just feel empty. (like there'll a boy who will say "I can fill it". HAHAHAHA funn!) I hope I will not go to school. I will not go to that place, meet the same person. I need my own time, I need it. SO MUCH. I just need my bestfriends, not the other. I don't know, my heart fall into pieces when I see you, plahh. ARKKKKKKK!!!!! gaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaau. maybe they'll call me Mrs. Kothi, or whatever but I can't lose this worry. sorry for Sintha, Dea, Ica, Tolek, Rima, Rania, and Frang for didn't tell the truth. til now, I'm still worrying about the past. I know I'm selfish, foolish, but I just can't help my self. :( I don't wanna see that face, pleaaaaseeeee...

it's about my health condition too. it's bad. I can't scream out loud like usual, laugh loudly with friends, or acs like someone annoying. I don't want to be sick :& I want my FRESH senior high school BACK. I need my smile, I need my laugh. I just need my bests. thanks.
P.S: sorry, galau
P.P.S: for the first time, I don't like to use my 60d. I lost my mood.
P.P.P.S: this is the skip it post.

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