funny day with mom (love)

goodnight my little buggy (smooch)
how's your day, eh? my day's full of laugh, after the terrible day I went to supermarket with mom, carrefour. we had lunch together at encore, and buy manythings to our house. and the difficult part of it is to search for the good food. then, I went to gramedia book store to buy something that I like. of, what a funny day. setelah lensa rusak, aku takut buat minta barang-barang mahal lagi sama mama. dan baiknya, mama sama sekali ngga marah masalah lensa itu. how pretty kind you are, mom :')

P.S thenewfacts:
I like maroon now. it's pretty, look elegant. but still fresh!
so anybody who want to give me a gift, just buy me the maroon one ya ;;) 
*aha, terlihat berharap banget buat dibeliin barang warna marun. zzzz

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