first day school

halloooowh, bloggy! fuah. this is my frist day school aftr one week holidays. mm, not too bad. really.
I don't feel any bad moods last morning, hv fun w X9, learn many lessons and tasks, but.. nothing happen. nothing special this day. once again, but I feel happy today! I don't know why. it's like I can fly cause my happines today, haha (˘⌣˘) maybe it caused by something that I can't say to you, dear. I'm still thinking about the pain that I'll feel if I use braces. haha, kinda childish.. owyaaa! there'll Liga Karmany Smansa soon, 12 February 2011. it is the intern football matches in beloved SMANSA. my class will use blue manchester city's clothes. but Arihuda steal the 7th number! I want it so much :( nanda tell me to use 77th number then, I accept this but.. I still want my 7 number back :( puhleaaaseeeeee!

oops. this's time to go to course! I hope you'll enjoyed my day, bloggy. gbye! XOXO

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