my old face

gmorgen ppls ;)
in Bali, it's 7.15 a.m. how about ur place?
I don't know what I should share today. but I hate homeworks, by the way.
and you know what? my teacher give me many homeworks for one lesson. especially for math.
surely I HATE MATH! okay, well-breath. don't get angry in the morning ;)
she gives me 90task and I must do it for 5days. how CAN? how CAAANNNNN?!!!
oooh -cut that crap. I see my little photos when I clean my lapytopyy, and I think the girl in that photo isn't me, she's kinda cute and silly look like, haha
right now, check thisout kay ;))
ohweelll, i think the photos are a 'lil bit.. 4L4Y, hahaha :p

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